Kenzie’s Story

With a live performance style founded on love, dreams, and fearlessness, Kenzie Culver emerges onto the music scene with ambition and drive that’s larger than life. Her debut EP titled, “Echoes”, embodies the echoes of stories she’s heard and experienced in her everyday life. Along with personal meaning and merit, it’s hard to believe that this 16-year- old singer/songwriter and performer brings so much passion to the stage. Recently, Kenzie Culver was featured on Denver radio station 93.3’s “Locals Only” show, as well as a top 12 finalist for the Channel 93.3 Big Gig. With its release, “Echoes” has made Kenzie Culver a ReverbNation top 40 artist, and has received two songwriting awards from the Colorado Music Business Organizations for two of its songs: “Carry On” and “Love Again.” Kenzie’s passion for music began at age 4, when she was admitted to the hospital for emergency brain surgery due to Chiari Malformation, a condition in the brain that causes a host of symptoms.

“It was a terribly painful recovery, but I always felt better when there was

music around. A family friend of mine would come into my hospital room everyday and play all of my favorite songs. Even though it hurt too much to sing, I was always humming along. The music made it feel like I was never hurt to begin with; it went deeper than the physical pain. Music healed my soul; that’s when I fell in love with it.” Eight years later, at age 12, Kenzie received a full medical release. Kenzie is now partnered with a non-profit organization as the Colorado State Ambassador for Blue Star Connection, an organization that provides musical instruments for the purpose of music therapy to children who suffer from mental and/or physical illness and trauma. Because she understands the level of healing that music can provide, Kenzie is a true ambassador for Blue Star.

To hear the song inspired by Kenzie’s experience in the hospital and dedicated to hospitalized
children around the world, click here.